Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner Training Supports PTSD Recovery

Reiki Master training provided an EMT and military veteran with an outlet for conscious exploration and renewed sense of purpose.

Ryan is a first responder and military veteran in his mid 30s. After returning from his first deployment to Afghanistan, Ryan started a course of medication and entered mental health care for PTSD recovery. Yet, despite taking numerous healthcare steps, retraining for a new job as an Emergency Medical Technician, and building a stable home life, something seemed amiss.

The Goal

Ryan was starting to lose hope when he found Reiki training. He’d taken all the actions recommended by his healthcare practitioners, and still was feeling perpetually distressed. He was drinking more than he’d like to, feeling unwell the following day, and couldn’t see a path out of this rut. He started visiting alternative healthcare providers, including a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner who also practiced Tibetan Reiki. It was during these visits that he found a renewed conviction that his healing path might not be linear. Ryan started to attend Reiki Shares, and soon realized he wanted to know more.

The Plan

Ryan felt a special draw to Holy Fire Reiki. Despite only experiencing Tibetan Reiki to that point, he took a chance and came to me for three treatments. That was enough: after the series was complete, he committed to completing his Reiki training with me.

Over the course of a year, Ryan and I worked one-one-on for custom Reiki I, II and Master level training. We took time to learn slowly, knowing new information sometimes became a source of panic. Reiki I and II were taught on single days three months apart. Reiki Master training took place over a three-day period exactly one year after Ryan completed Reiki I. We wanted to make time for practise and integration, without rushing anything.

The Outcome

Ryan came into Reiki I training with a head full of questions. He left that day with a sense of embodiment. Knowing that Reiki flowed through him naturally, and that he could access it at anytime, was a gift. He completed the recommended 21-day Reiki cleanse, sending daily check-ins via WhatsApp. He was noticing the subtle energy growing with each day, which fuelled his desire to complete Reiki II ASAP. Ryan showed a lot of patience, and only requested his Reiki II training date when he felt ready for more. It was the first time he could remember in a long time that he trusted his inner sense of knowing.

After Reiki Master training, Ryan held himself differently. The Usui Master Symbol and Holy Fire energy gave him a toolkit he had never expected. He explained they were like companions he could always rely on. While his anxiety was still present, he used Reiki as a tool to look at the world differently. When he felt distress creeping in, he could use the Holy Fire symbol to be present with the experience. Instead of turning to alcohol to cope with an impending sense of doom, he turned to Reiki. While he still drank socially, he found himself less likely to drink to escape alone. Ryan now considers himself a Holy Fire Reiki practitioner, and hopes to inspire other men to try Reiki.


Usui Reiki Levels I, II and III
Holy Fire Reiki Master
Karuna Reiki Master
Shamanic Reiki Levels I & II

“Holy Fire Reiki saved my life. That may sound like an exaggeration, but let me tell you, it is not. The night terrors, the panic sweats, the constant fear can be contained with Reiki. I’m not going to say I’m a different person, but I have the skill to become a different person now. Andrea knew how to speak with me, how to present concepts that might feel strange and other worldly. I will be forever grateful to have found her to teach me Reiki.”

Ryan - Kingston, Ontario
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