Spiritual Bypassing: Polyvagal Informed Thoughts

Spiritual bypassing stems from an attempt to live a better life.  People don’t spiritually bypass on purpose. It’s a result of looking for a different way to feel. To the ‘seeker’, spirituality provides a set of positive reinforcement mechanisms that shape their existence. For many people, spirituality is a path to empowerment after many years

Spiritual Bypassing: Polyvagal Informed Thoughts2022-05-24T12:33:01-04:00

Andrea’s Story

Introducing Andrea Wood, Transformational Coach. As your dedicated guide to rediscovering a sense of awe in the world, Andrea builds programs that safely explore anxiety, stress, grief, overwhelm, and pain. This is her story.  A Path to Reconnection At some point in my late 20s I realized that I was grinding my teeth perpetually, day

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