Spiritual Bypassing: Polyvagal Informed Thoughts

Spiritual bypassing stems from an attempt to live a better life.  People don’t spiritually bypass on purpose. It’s a result of looking for a different way to feel. To the ‘seeker’, spirituality provides a set of positive reinforcement mechanisms that shape their existence. For many people, spirituality is a path to empowerment after many years

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Why Vagal Brake Strength Matters

Vagal Brake Strength is a key trait of a resilient nervous system. What is the Vagal Brake? The vagal brake is the heart’s natural pacemaker.  In the face of regulation and calm, the vagal brake engages and the heart beats between 60-80 bpm. In the face of dysregulation and stress, the vagal brake releases and

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Welcoming the Wanderer: Introducing the Vagus Nerve

Why Vagal Brake Strength Matters The vagus nerve is commonly called ‘the wanderer’. It’s the longest nerve in the body, running the length of the spine, with spindles radiating all the way from the brainstem to the stomach. The vagus nerve is responsible for fight, flight and freeze responses, and enables social connection.  Why Does

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Andrea’s Story

Introducing Andrea Wood, Transformational Coach. As your dedicated guide to rediscovering a sense of awe in the world, Andrea builds programs that safely explore anxiety, stress, grief, overwhelm, and pain. This is her story.  A Path to Reconnection At some point in my late 20s I realized that I was grinding my teeth perpetually, day

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