Project Description

Safe and Sound Protocol

After months in isolation, many individuals are struggling to adjust to increased social contact. This social contact may include school settings, workplaces, public transport, or in the grocery store. The  Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP) offers support to  your nervous system so re-entry into social settings feels more manageable.

The (SSP) is a short-term auditory intervention that complements ongoing modes of therapy. The protocol consists of filtered music modulated to reduce sensitivity in your nervous system. Playlists are available for children, adult pop and adult classical.

Designed to access a physiological state conducive to well-being, the SSP safely enables positive social engagement with others, and enhances learning and personal growth. The SSP supports both children and adults with a wide range of symptoms, including anxiety, ADHD, ASD, sensory sensitivities, and other outcomes of trauma.

The founder of the Polyvagal Theory, Dr. Stephen Porges, developed the SSP to support individuals who struggled to benefit from other modes of therapy.

For more information, research or case studies on the SSP, please visit the SSP website.

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