Project Description

Corporate Coaching

A three-month one-on-one coaching program designed for executives and business professionals.

When working in high-pressure, results-oriented workplaces, the emotional experience is frequently treated as the enemy. Your emotions, however, are an incredible guide.

This coaching program is designed to re-engage the emotional experience in order to make actionable strategic decisions in the workplace. 

Together we will build a  program based on your specific performance goals and objectives. Please keep in mind that this is an entirely different way of achieving success; one that befriends your emotions and sensations. 

The program addresses the connection between sensation and emotions. It provides a sustainable approach to decision making, relationships, and quality of life.

This work requires patience. In order to address systemic patterns, participants must be willing to go slowly and and accept that sustainable change takes place over time. In order to facilitate a mindful, compassionate process, the program follows a 3-weeks on, 1-week off approach. That means programs take 15 weeks to complete; 12 weeks of coaching plus 3 weeks of integration time. The integration week provides the time and space to digest new material.

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